Client: Clinica Guanter

Campaign period: 2019-2020

The brief

Clinica Guanter is a highly appreciated clinic in Valencia, Spain.

They wanted to step up their social media game and create some buzz over their brand and services, with a final objective of lead generation. 


  • Key messaging

  • Graphic and video

  • Tone of voice development

  • Social media strategy and creative

  • Social media advertising

  • Google Adwords


The challenge


The dental healthcare, especially aesthetic dentistry, is a highly competitive market. Pack that with a tight local business budget and you are left with a limited list of approaches.


Our approach


Given the high competition and the limited budget our client put at our disposal, we decided to go with a minimal, clean cut creative that would get the brand out of category and make our ads pop.

We also knew that our target audience would appreciate and embrace this kind of fresh approach over the traditional ever smiling models with perfect teeth and face symmetry.

The results

Strong increase in brand awareness and discovery - very good engagement rate and interaction.


The client reported 40% increase in sales and lead generation.


We successfully checked all the campaign objectives.