Client: Roche Diagnostics Romania

Campaign period: 2015 - 2017

The brief

CoaguChek is a blood coagulation monitor tool that allows patients to measure their INR value anywhere, everywhere, spearing them time and adding health value.

Roche Diagnostics wanted to raise awareness for their product and put a spotlight on the benefits and impact CoaguChek has in the patients lives.


  • Key messaging

  • Graphic and video

  • Tone of voice development

  • Social media strategy and creative

  • Social media advertising

  • Google Adwords


The challenge


The nature of the industry (blood coagulants) means communication and ad placement on social promotions can be challenging. 

Our team have worked sensitively to ensure campaigns comply with both client and advertising platform regulations, whilst delivering relevant traffic and creating awareness for the brand. 


Also, the niche character of the product made it challenging to identify and engage with the target audience. 


Our approach


We wanted to bring value to the main selling points/patient advantages (freedom, independence, control) by incorporating them in a strong emotional incentive. 

Pack an emotional message with a stellar copy and obtain an bullseye key message - RO: “INRameaza amintirile care conteaza” (EN: Frame the memories that matter) - that also includes the main keyword (INR) into the catchphrase wording to make it POP into the feeds of our target audience.


Adaptive graphic & patient-centric communication for different audience segments (sex, age, interests).

The results

Based on the campaign concept and key messages, we created an inspiring series of visuals and social media content that enabled us to successfully reach the target audience and engage into a meaningful conversation and lead generation.


Strong increase in brand awareness and discovery - very good engagement rate and interaction.


Strong increase in brand recognition and loyalty - facebook community of 6k fans whereas the main target audience was 4k and secondary target audience was 130k.


60% increase in sales and lead generation.


We successfully checked all the campaign objectives.