Client: Laropharm

Campaign period: feb. 2020 - ongoing

The brief


Laropharm is a leading pharmaceutical company with 20 years experience on the Romanian and international markets.

They wanted to grow the visibility in the online environment and create a community around their brand.


  • Social media strategy and creative

  • Content development: graphic, video, animation

  • Social advertising

  • Positioning

  • Visual identity


The challenge


  • Communicate and engage with consumers in the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry.

  • Finding the right voice and differentiating Laropharm from the competition.


Our approach



After a thorough brand audit we have decided to take advantage of the brand's strong experience and presence on the the regional market and position Laropharm as a premium Romanian pharmaceutical producer and a strong partner for a healthy lifestyle for the target audience.

Visual Identity

We have created fresh and consistent visual identity for social media, incorporating brand voice and graphic elements.

Communication Directions

We have adapted our speech to mix traditional Romanian health advice with a modern twist, all applied to the Laropharm products.

Brand Differentiation

We have created a health advice series & hashtag with the brand name - #LAROsfatul zilei.


The results

Our actions resulted in improved and consistent overall brand communication and graphics through all the social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.

The target audience is extremely receptive to our content resulting in great reach and engagement.

We are experiencing continuous growth of brand community (fans and followers), resulting in more people exposed to brand content.

Up to 30% increase in brand recall on certain segments of the target audience, according to Facebook Insights.