Content Calendar & Post Ideas
Content Calendar & Post Ideas

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Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Content Calendar

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Content Calendar & Post Ideas
Content Calendar & Post Ideas

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Social Media Content Calendar

120+ Post Ideas

Attract, engage and inspire your audience with this social media content calendar especially crafted for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. 

Some of the challenges it solves for the people who tried it:

✅ Helps relieve the "finding relevant content" pressure

✅ Great inspiration and ideas 🦄

✅ Stellar copy and wording 🌟

✅ Perfect equilibrium between promotional, information and fun

✅ Time saving ⏱

✅ Engagement booster 📈

Get on top of your social media game and in front of the competition with this content calendar especially created for the summer of 2020 (& the Coronavirus context).

What you'll get: 

120+ days of engaging social media post ideas especially crafted for pharma, healthcare & medical industry. Engaging content ideas for each day of the summer months: June, July, August + BONUS the month of September

all health-related international celebration days (eg. World Blood Donor Day, World Running Day...)

tools we use to create stellar content for our clients

✅ resources: wording, free images

✅ post ideas:  engagement posts, questions, quotes, information bits, challenges and many more

✅ inspiration and advice on how to promote your business to get more traction

✅ suggested colour palette of the month

✅ guide to Pharma Digital Marketing Ebook


+ BONUS 1 hour 1on1 chat with one of our marketing specialists

The number one thing our clients tell us is the most helpful to their business is knowing what they are doing right online and what they can do to improve. Knowing where to focus your efforts will enable you to grow your online  presence and reach your business objectives. 

PRICE: $20 + VAT

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400+ pharma marketers, product managers  and business owners ramped up their social media game with our content calendar


Mara, Product Manager

This calendar helped us get over the everyday struggle of "what are going to post today" and helped relieve the "finding relevant content" pressure. Great ideas and inspiration. Totally reccomend!


Chris, Business Owner

As a small business owner, I don't have the resources to hire a full-time professional Social Media Manager. This content calendar is the perfect solution for me!


Carly, Marketing Officer

Love it! Saved me a lot of time doing research, find the right words, photos, everything. Thanks to this content calendar I have a whole month of great value social media content in a few hours.