5 Social Media Hacks for Pharma Marketers [Key to Social Media Dominance]

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

According to this study, 90% of people aged 18-24 trust medical information or engage with health activities on social media. Furthermore, a third of US population goes online ‘figure out’ a medical condition.

Now ask yourself: what do you do if you have to find more information about a medical condition or a medicine?

The truth is that most of us turn to the Internet to inform and find out more from other people’s experiences. 

Unfortunately, the majority of pharmaceutical companies are yet to answer these consumer habits with a strong digital presence.

If you’re a pharma marketer, don’t be a part of the negative statistics. Start your digital transformation journey with these 5 hacks to boost your social media game.

1. Content repurposing

Repurposing content (aka finding new ways to recycle your existing content) is a great way to reach new audiences and grow your engagement.

Some users prefer visual infographics over text statistics, others choose video over text, why not take advantage of the multitude of media formats our there while making sure that great content is never forgotten and evergreen.

TIP: If you don’t know where to start, make a list of your top best performing articles and transform them into videos. That should give your audience a new perspective on some of the topics they already enjoyed.

2. Implement video marketing

Viewers retain 95% of the message when watching a video. In comparison, text has a retention rate of merely 10%.

Video marketing has the highest ROI of all content formats, so when it comes to a social media strategy, it should be on your top priority list.

Whether you use them to share helpful information with your consumers or to explain some key features of your product, videos are a great way to interact with your target audience.

Here are some more reasons why we think video is the future for pharma marketing.

3. Boost you customer service with chatbots and messaging apps

Make the most out of every customer service interaction by automating the answer to social media inquires.

A lot of the customer interactions are frequent questions that you already know. Why not handle them instantly by implementing messaging apps and chatbots? This will facilitate positive experiences as your consumers will be delighted with your 24/7 instant assistance and your customer service team will have more time to focus on higher-value tasks. Everybody will be happy!

Furthermore, you can connect your chatbot to Facebook Messenger, as your customers may be more inclined to conveniently send an inquiry there, while they’re chatting to their friends, rather than taking the time out to call or send an email to the Customer Service. 

4. Create valuable content

Branded, unbranded, evergreen or time-sensitive, great content will always be efficient when it comes to social media marketing.

“By creating value-driven content and providing answers to common patient pain points in an inspiring, engaging way alongside demonstrating transparency, you will grow your audience while fostering trust and positioning your brand as a thought-leader.”

Branded content is a great way to create awareness for your brand and position as a trusted authority in your segment.

Unbranded content (such as unbranded communities, websites or apps), on the other side, is great way to interact with consumers in a more relatable and approachable way, as it allows you to lose the brand rigours, lift your sleeves and delve into the conversation.

Unbranded content also offers a great neutral space for your customers to interact and share advice and opinions over common pain points.

Evergreen content is a very efficient way to keep your audience engaged, as is doesn’t have an expiration date. It stays fresh, useful and relevant no matter when someone reads it, with minimal to no updates. Fortunately, pharma marketers can benefit as healthcare, wellness, fitness, or parenting are evergreen some of the evergreen topics to be considered.

5. Find the right mix between fun and business

The 80/20 golden rule of effective social media marketing stated that 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business.

Nowadays, with the social media landscape ever changing and the consumers becoming more and more digital-savvy, the perfect percentage of social media marketing is that... there isn't one.

However, you have to make sure that each of your social media content piece has a precise purpose and falls into at least one of the following categories:

  • To inform (conceptual knowledge)

  • To teach (how to)

  • To inspire

  • To entertain

  • To persuade

  • To start a conversation

  • To spark a controversy

  • To express an opinion

  • To share industry knowledge or resources

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