5 Winning Strategies in Pharma Marketing 2020 [And How to Mix Them]

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As both patients and HCPs are becoming more engaged, pharmaceutical companies need to step up their digital marketing game to keep up with the now trends and their competition.

So what’s the secret to capture the attention of consumers in an incredibly crowded and quickly evolving space? Let’s dig in and find out.

1. Social media is always a winning strategy in pharma marketing.

Facebook is one of the best ways to drive traffic and funnel customers from the social platform to brand pages and websites. Consumers are happy to follow and interact with branded Facebook pages that offer valuable content and advice. This is a great way for pharma companies to adjust their stiff speeches, become more relatable and create meaningful interactions with their target audiences.

A 2019 study found that pharma companies are not using social media to its full potential. Their key recommendations included:

  • Identifying social media platforms most in use by their audiences

  • Having a social media presence on both global and local level

  • Using competitors’ social media strategy as a point of reference

  • Creating a careers channel for employer branding Using media monitoring/social listening to discover opportunities for engagement (topics relevant to their industry and products/services)

2. Segmenting users can be a challenge in pharma marketing, as advertising platform regulations on privacy close down. However, an experienced agency should be able to design a strategy that involves segmenting users based on open interests without pushing up against any existing regulations. We help our clients everyday to connect with their target audience segments by implementing multi-channel strategies.

3. Video content is a great tool for pharma marketers to raise awareness and deliver complex information in a simple way.

Videos posted on platforms like Facebook and YouTube generate far more engagement than static content and help consumers better understand the challenges of their conditions while taking note of the solutions that pharma companies provide.

4. Unbranded content like unbranded websites and social media communities are growing in popularity throughout pharma marketers as they are a great way to offer consumers information about certain conditions or topics in a neutral manner, cutting out the brand noise. Rather than directly marketing a certain product to consumers, pharma companies can deliver relevant information about medical conditions and resources on how people can get help.

5. With so many channels, what is the best recipe for success in pharma marketing?

Our daily #mantra here at Digitescu.Agency is Attract | Engage | Inspire and there is nothing random about that.

The most succesful strategies in pharma marketing these days involve a mix of search campaigns (attract), social media (engage) and video marketing (inspire).

If you’re ready to see how our pharma marketing strategies can take your brand to the next level, drop us a line at and let’s work together to create something great.

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Meanwhile, you can take a look at our portfolio for some extra inspiration.

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