Consistency: the Key to Successful Social Media Pharma Marketing

Leading marketers agree that consistency is top of the marketing agenda and for good reason. Here are the latest stats:

· 89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is their most important goal*

· On average 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand

· Brands that are consistently presented are 3 to 4 times more likely to experience brand visibility

· The average revenue increase attributed to brand consistently is 23%.

Here at Digitescu.Agency we believe that “the ordinary + extra attention = the extraordinary”. In this particular case, it’s about the extra attention we pay to consistency in our clients communication and how this helps their brands become extraordinary, every day.

So here are 5 steps you can follow to maintain a consistent brand voice on social media.

#1 Create your brand voice

Deciding on HOW your brand will communicate is essential in the process of social media marketing.

In order to outline your brand’s voice, you can start by creating a mood board to capture your brand’s character starting with brand values, goals, what it likes, what it doesn’t like.

#2 Consistent social media customer service strategy

After deciding on the voice, you need to set a consistent social media customer service strategy to make sure your communication guidelines are being followed. Setting up some template responses to your most common questions might help you follow through and make sure your tone and voice are coherent. You may also need to set up the funnel of your response, as your social media agency may have to forward some (or all) the questions to your support team.

The end goal is to have quick response times and offer a positive overall experience to the fans who interact with your brand.

#3 Set specific communication guidelines

Setting specific guidelines is a great way to make sure all your employees use a uniform brand tone and voice :

  • a wording list with all tag-lines and key phrases, from brand values, to goals, mission and everything else worth mentioning

  • it’s important to define how you will refer to your company on social media. Will you use “we” or your brand’s name. Will you talk to your audience directly or keep the distance and maintain a more sombre tone? Remember that first person is more personable whilst third person is more detached perhaps even aloof.

  • will you use abbreviated words such as We’re and You’re instead of We Are and You Are?

#4 Set specific social media guidelines

  • Color palette

  • Font styles & typefaces to use

  • Hashtags that are relevant for your brand, services, products, values

  • Acceptable ways to use your brand logo, including its size & placement

  • Taglines

  • Guidelines on composing imagery

  • Filters to be used for a consistent photo-editing style

#5 Make social media post templates

Social media post templates will not only help your brand stay within its communication guidelines and be consistent, but will also boost brand recognition and recall. Using a similar editing style with your pictures and videos will make your brand recognisable through the noise of the newsfeed.

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Meanwhile, you can take a look at our portfolio for some extra inspiration.

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